32-38 Tran Phu Street, Tam Ky,Quang Nam, Vietnam
HOTLINE: 0235.224 8888 - 0235.224 9999
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Ý kiến khách hàng

"“Excellent Boutique Hotel"
I second Raintree_Thailand assessment. The staff is excellent with very friendly staff.

You can't expect more from a small provincial hotel than Le Dung. They have nice comfortable rooms and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Can order from a number of choices for breakfast. Nice upper-floor dining area, good for evening meals. Adjoining spa offers some nice massage. All-in-all, nothing to complain about in the way of a provincial hotel....the place to stay in Tam Ky!


Galactus1969 | Houston, Texas

"Wonderful Staff"

As from the moment you arrive, you feel welcome. There is friendly and helpful staff all over the place. Nice and clean rooms, lovely roof restaurant. Relaxing in the spa, enjoying a massage. For whatever reason you are in Vietnam, make a stopover in Le Dung Hotel.


Lutopie | Grignan, France

"Best in Tam Ky"

There is a lot to like about this boutique hotel in a quiet city off the usual tourist trail. It is located near the provincial government buildings and so caters for many officials (Quite high ranking ones on two other occasions when I stayed here) and businessmen. Hence the business centre, conference room, a dining room, rooftop bar and restaurant, and spa, There is also a cafe area and courtyard downstairs where breakfast is usually served. There is good wifi. It is all very efficiently run in gracious and friendly manner.

I was very comfortable in the standard double room which was adequate size, clean,and very nice. The bathroom had an open shower but designed so there is no problem with spray and drainage in the rest of the space. These rooms seem to be more difficult to book on week days. A couple might prefer a larger room.

Breakfast for me was Mi Quang, my favourite noodle dish by far. American and Continental breakfasts which I would normally prefer, are also offered. I also found the restaurant fare to my liking. Definitely the best place to stay in Tam Ky.


Rayza | Brisbane, Australia

Goed hotel met een beperkt restaurant

Hotel ligt ventraal midden in de stad, de kamers zijn ruim en schoon met prachtige ramen en zeer goede prijs kwaliteit verhouding.


Hendrik | Netherlands

4성급같은 3성급호텔

직원의 친절, 깨끗한 bar, 눈이 즐거운 그림.


Myoung South Korea

A hotel to remember
Very near the park where we could stroll

The hotel is familar to us since we have been here in Tam Ky in 2005. The hotel is small before but was expanded. A cozy hotel, clean and very friendly staff. The staff can communicate English. The food and service is excellent. The room is spacious, clean and well aranged complete with amenities. There are fruits and biscuits and plants all over the room.. If ever will go back to Tam Ky will surely book in Le Dunghotel and will be glad to endorse it to our friends Agoda is very useful in facilitating reservation. More power to Agoda


Flordelis | Philippines

Lovely hotel very spacious excellent staff
Restaurant nice room friendly staff

Very enjoyable location,excellent staff,restaurant very good large room and well kept


John L. | Australia

Very friendly staff.
Friendly staff. quit location, except for construction across the street. On a main road.

Good hotel. Great friendly staff. Very good fresh juices.


States of America | 06/07/2014

Phòng hiện đại, nhân viên rất thân thiện luôn giúp đỡ khách, giá cả rất hợp lý. Nhân viên khách sạn nói tiếng anh rất tốt.


Tuấn Vỹ | 01/07/2014

Chúng tôi đặt khách sạn này vào phút cuối, sau khi thay đổi kế hoạch. Khách sạn rất mới, hiện đại, phòng ốc rộng rãi, thoải mái, ăn sáng ngon.


Quang Lâm | 26/06/2014

Ở tại phòng 427 từ ngày 11/08/2014 đến 15/06/2014 cảm giác rất hài lòng về cách phục vụ tại khách sạn Lê Dung. Rất xứng đáng với tiêu chuẩn 3 sao mà Khách Sạn đạt được.


Nguyễn Minh Huy | 15/06/2014

Mọi thứ đều rất tuyệt, Nói chung là hài lòng, khách sạn có dịch vụ Spa nhìn rất sang trọng, khung cảnh cũng rất ok,nhân viên thân thiện, giá cả của khách sạn quá tốt so với tiêu chuẩn 3 sao.


Trần Quang Lâm | 01/06/2014

Một không gian nghỉ ngơi thật tuyệt vời.Đây là lần thứ 2 tôi nghỉ tại Khách sạn Lê Dung. Mặc dù thời gian nghỉ ngắn nhưng Khách sạn luôn mang lại cho tôi cảm giác thật thư giãn và mới lạ. Chắc chắn tôi sẽ quay lại khách sạn trong thời gian sớm nhất.


Du lịch cặp đôi | 03/02/2014

Tôi cảm thấy khách sạn xứng đang với số tiền chúng tôi bỏ ra, nhân viên rất thân thiện và nhiệt tình giúp đỡ chúng tôi, họ giúp chúng tôi chuẩn bị bữa sáng để chúng tôi có thể bay sớm chuyến bay của mình.